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"The Nutty Traxx Massive and Dune2 banks are great. There are not many good banks for harder styles but these definitely do the damage. They are great stand alone sounds or good starting points to be manipulated and learn how these sounds are made. They've featured in a lot of my productions since they were sent over & I highly recommend them."


Joey Riot - Destructive Tendencies (Megarave / MOH)

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"I tried out the Massive & Sylenth1 sound sets and knowing the high quality of previous packs coming out of the Nutty Traxx production house, I was extremely eager to get these loaded up. Each bank contains a huge amount of highly usable sounds, which require minimal tweaking and sounds exceptional straight out of the box. Whether you make dubstep or ear-bleeding hardcore, I can guarantee you will find a place for these packs in your sonic arsenal."


Thomas Crossley - Renegade System (Hyper Reality)

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"Nutty Traxx Massive and Sylenth patches are great producer's tools! Eitherfor a starting producer who wants to quickly get in touch with quality hardstyle sounds or more confirmed producers who can easily tweak them. Will definitely use it in future productions!"


Valentin Troha - X-Pander (Scantraxx / A2 Records)

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"I use the Nutty Traxx preset packs as a fantastic starting point for a lot of my sounds. Nutty T certainly knows his way around a synth and luckily for me, he likes some mother fucking aggression too."  


Gaz West - Dark By Design (Tidy / Nukleuz)

"Nutty Traxx is well known to have some killer presets and sample packs. This latest megapack from Massive and Sylenth is no different, there are some great tones and textures from the lead presets, which will make layering leads super fun and also some great fx sounds which can be manipulated and used in so many different ways. I recommend all upcoming & established Hard Dance Producers to get this pack asap, as it will help you gain some knowledge on synthesis of certain hardstyle sounds and be a real good addition to your presets bank."


Vinod Mohandas - VtheKid (Gearbox)

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